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The Guardians Brotherhood Organization was first known as the "Diablo Squad" (DS) organization in 1976 and is originally comprised of 11 members with Sgt. Leborio "ABRAHAM" Jangao, Jr. as its founder. As detachment commander at that time in Sitio Kidama, Parang, Maguindanao, Sgt Jangao conceived the DS as a fraternity of soldiers carrying with them the symbol of strong Brotherhood, Unity, Solidarity and Oneness and with these principles, he was able to convince his men to join the group.

In the later part of the year 1976, the Diablo Squad, now mostly members of the detachment under Sgt. Jangao, was transferred in Brgy. Balitog, a division of the Municipality of Glan, South Cotabato where they were assigned to conduct peacekeeping campaigns.


Perceiving their integrity and sincerity, the DS members gained popular support and recognition from the constituents of Brgy. Baliton for such exemplary performance and as a token of appreciation, officials from the said barangay commended the group with a citation. Being a soldiers whose assignment is at all times fleeting, Sgt. Jangao was appointed to the Lanao del Norte Const. Command in 1979 and there he met Capt. Gil "LAPU-LAPU" Taojo, Jr. and Capt. Anastacio "PATTON" Labitad of the Phil. Army, (now a retired Colonel)of the Phil. Army, and recruited them into the DS fraternity.

Moreover, the original Magic Group known as the Magic 5 was organized as the 1st Civilian members of the DS the Crime Buster who were all lawyers that serves as the Advisory Group of the DSCB Organization.
They are known as the Original Magic 5:

MG FISCAL Ulyses Lagcao,
MG FISCAL Felipe Salise,
MG ATTY. Bert Albulario,
MG ATTY. Alan Flores, and
MG ATTY. Angel Mencias

SGF LAPU-LAPU was also instrumental in drafting the Constitution and By Laws of the DSCB Organization, after which a National Convention was held in Iligan Institute of Technology in the year 1982. Due to the popular support of the organic members who massively joined the DSCB organization, GMF ABRAHAM, SGF LAPU-LAPU, and SGF PATTON were named as the National Triumvirate of the organization.

The DIABLO word however is but an acronym whose literal meaning states that letter D-stands for Dauntless, I-Ingenous, A-Advocator, B-Banner, L-Liberty and O-Oneness. When translated in Tagalog version, “Mga matatapang at matapat na tagapagtanggol ng watawat, kalayaan at pagkakaisa”. The birth of the DIABLO SQUAD CRIME BUSTER Organization was appropriate as the meaning itself connotes the real life of a combatant soldiers who never afraid to fight the enemies in the battlefield like a devil, ready to kill and to be killed just to preserve peace, freedom and unity among Filipino people.


As time goes by, the DS Organization became controversial due to some unfounded accusation manipulated by some unscrupulous individuals in our society, accusing the DIABLO Organization as the author of salvaging and other violation of human rights cases and blamed also the creation of the DSCB as a threat to the AFP for being an Army within an Army, placing the AFP into bad light.

Due to these damaging issues, the ACSAFP then Gen. Fidel V. Ramos called for a conference among top leaders of the AFP and leaders of the DIABLO Organization at Camp Aguinaldo in the month of November 1984 in order to discuss the controversial issues surrounding the DIABLO Organization's existence. As a result of the conference, it was agreed unanimously to disband the DIABLO Organization which was scheduled effective December 25, 1984. After the conference, the GMF ABRAHAM approached personally Gen. Fidel V. Ramos submitting his request to rename the DSCB Organization into GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD INC. in order to continue carrying the noble cause and objective of the Organization. The good General upon knowing the good aim of the organization out rightly gave his blessings and approval to the request of the Grand Master Founder, thus the birth of the GBI Organization, then subsequently registered with the SEC on December 10, 1984, prior to the deadline of disbandment as scheduled on December 25, 1984.

Thus the organization continues to move on bringing the new name GUARDIANS resulting to the rapid growth of membership of the organization all over the archipelago. Adopted November 30, 1984 at Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines with SEC Reg. # 123899 dated. 10 December 1984

The movement of the GBI Organization in Region XI started to shine in the middle part of the year 1985 through the efforts and initiative of some active members of the defunct DSCB organization. The 1st GBI Assembly was conducted at Central Fire Station, Sta. Ana, Davao City initiated by FDR DANIEL formerly known as FDR MOLDER with the blessing of FSGF Gil Lapu-Lapu Taojo Jr. In fact the latter was the guest speaker on that occasion.

On December 11-12, 1998, the Misamis Occidental decided to host the First Guardians Mindanao Unification Assembly through the initiative Supreme Godfather Ramon "ESPHNX" Espino Jr.

One of the purposes of the assembly is to awaken our Guardians Brothers in the entire archipelago and second, to unite and bring them together into one fold and one common goal.

supremo.bmp The assembly was attended by no less than Mr Leborio "GMF ABRAHAM" Jangao, Jr., Senator Gregorio "GS GRINGO" Honasan II, Billy "SGF SIERRA" Bibit, Anastacio "MSFGF PATTON" Labitad, Gil "MSFGF LAPU-LAPU" Taojo, Jr., Bishop Nilo "RMG ISAAC" Tayag, Leonilo “FRMG ABIFF” Escobillo, and some Founders and Godfathers and members from different regions in Mindanao. After the first day forum, Sen. Gregorio "GS GRINGO" Honasan II was conferred as the Interim National Chairman of the GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD INCORPORATED.

In March 18-19, 2000, the First National Unification Assembly was called by the National Chairman Gregorio "GS GRINGO" Honasan II and is held in Metro Manila attended by the different Regional Representative. This time, delegates from different regions were able to ratify and adopt a Constitution and By Laws paving the way to unify the Guardians members of various affiliations so that matters of national interest will be addressed effectively and it has also seen as the time when the Guardians Brotherhood Inc. was renamed into Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Inc.

It was at this period that the National Chairman, Sen. Gregorio "GS GRINGO" Honasan II declared that series of General Assemblies will follow. The Misamis Occidental chapter is very proud that the First Regional Assembly, started in Oroquieta City and Ozamis City was named as the landmark of the unification.

National Convention

On May 22, 2005 a National Covention was held at Cembo Sports Complex in Makati City. It was attended by various PGBI Chapters in and outside the archipelago. Sen. Gregorio "GS Gringo" Honasan II, passed a resolution denouncing Liberio Jangao for his "unprincipled actions" apt to corrupt the organization."GS Gringo" called for Jangao's removal from PGBI. The long time quest for oneness among the Guardians was realized when the original founders and incorporators of GBI read their resolution recognizing the authority of PGBI and eventually submits their group to the PGBI.

The National Convention of the PGBI was highlighted when, before the crowd of delegating Guardians; our own "Grand Supremo Gringo" submitted himself to re-tatto the Guardians marking on his right arm shoulder.His demonstration signifies his true conviction to lead the PGBI and to show to all Guardians that he already cut off his relationship with Mr Jangao.

Sen. Gregorio "GS Gringo" Honasan II reiterated his call for unity and solidarity among the Guardians and urges them to be extra vigilant and watchfull in what are happening in the country.

Sen. Gregorio "GS Gringo" Honasan II
-Pgbi National Presiding President

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