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Pgbi Mail

Terms & Agreements

This agreement will be between the Client, known as the party who signs up for the Free PbgiMail Accounts and The PgbiMail provides the Client with the following free services when the Clients Signs up with Guardians-Kawit:

***** Free Pgbi Mail accounts.
***** Up to 2 email accounts.
***** Lifetime registration (i.e.

Signing Up: The Client understands to receive the free mail accounts and must be under the name of PgbiMail

Accounts: The Client will be responsible for their mail accounts. The pgbi-kawit is not liable for any lose of email accounts under any circumstances.

Authorization: Client agrees and authorized Guardians to disapproved any entry made by the signees and has the rights to discontinue any clients accounts should there be any abuse found in using the pgbimail.

Cancellations: The Client may discontinue service at any time by calling or writing the webmaster, with the understanding the pgbimail cannot be used without approval. At any time Client has no right to purchase the website, and use their own hosting provider.

By submitting, I agree to follow all rules and regulations set by
I accept: