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eagle.bmpeagle1.jpgPgbi-Kawit Chapter Online
Local Chapter of Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Incorporated (PGBI)
Security & Exchange Commission(SEC) Registration Number A200008885.

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Kawit Chapter Officers

All Elected Officers took their oath last December 2004 at Kawit Chapter office and witnessed by attending guest and members of PGBI....
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Mr. Gary Anthony "RMG Zero" Solania

Vice President
Mr Joel "RMG Joel" Pantaleon
Mr Edward "Rmg Edward" Catindig
Mr Mark "RMG Hunter" Villanueva

Public Relation Officer
Mr Rolito "Mg Alamid" Mata

Mr Ariel "MG Ace" Trajiko

Business Manager

Founder Diosdado "fggf Delta-8" Palustre

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PGBI-Kawit Chapter Sta Isabel, Kawit * Philippines * 4104
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